Industry Applied Manufacturing Process Dust Sorts
TFT-LCD-CVD Gas Emission in Manufacturing Process, House Vacuum SiO2, Plastic Dust, Mixed Powder
Glass Substrate
Backlight Module
Color Filter
PCB Drilling, Molding, Board Cutting, Bonding Copper Scale, Aluminum Scale, Glass Fiber
BGA Drilling, Molding, Board Cutting, Laser Drill Copper Scale, Aluminum Scale, Glass Fiber, Fume
CCL Edge Grinding, Drilling, Molding, Auto Reverse Flow Copper Scale, Aluminum Scale, Glass Fiber
Chemical Industry Powder Coating of Production lines/Stirring/Extruding/Crushing/Transportation/Riddling/Packing/Weighing Powder Coating
Polyol Reaction Tank

1,4 Dibutyle dust
Spray Drying Silica
Flame Retardant Production and Operations Graphite Carbon Powder
Ceramic Glaze Chip Cleaning Operation aluminum oxide powder
Rubber Tire Grinding/Powder Spraying Rubber Dust
Weighing/Discharging Additives for Manufacturing Process
Rolling Wheel/Mixing Carbon Black
Kneader Mixer Operation SiO2
Foundry Smelting Pot Metal Dust
Nodularizing Treatment Metal Dust
Casting Grinding Cast Iron Dust
Sandblasting Machine Foundry Sand
Mechanics Auto/Shipbuilding Powder Coating
Powder Coating
Welding Welding Fume
Grinding Metal Powder & Scrap
Aerospace Engine Cutting/Grinding

Metal Powder & Scrap
Interior Lining Grinding/Cutting Interior Lining Powder & Scrap
Interior Lining Rubber Coating Solvent
Wheel/Sheet Metal Spraying Operation Paint
Ceramics Extrusion Machine/Conveyer Terminal Ceramics Dust
Surface Grinding
Sanitary Equipment Polishing Metal Powder & Scrap
Leather PU Synthetic Leather Grinding Synthetic Fiber
Paper Paper Rolling/Hot-Embossing/Cutting Fiber
Non-woven Fabric/Diaper Production lines Synthetic Fiber
Pharmaceutical Medicine Pot/Tablet Pressing/Stirring/Whole Manufacturing Process Medicine Powder
Cosmetics Powder Forming Packing Cosmetics Powder